END OF SUMMER BASH (Blog 6) - August 31, 2014 

The night before the gig we discovered Falcon's bass cabinet blew, so we left it behind.  Sat. morning we loaded up the trailer.  We started our 3-hour adventure to Daytona Beach trekking across mid FL in heat and humidity. 3/4 of the way there we stopped at Sam Ash to get a new bass cab.  
It was cooler at Main Street Station in Daytona Beach with a breeze.  We still sweat a lot.  
The awesome Stone Clover took the stage at 6:15 and we rocked out.  
Then HEENE BOYZ rocked at 7:30 and we received a huge…

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADFORD! (Blog 5) - August 27, 2014 

It’s been an exciting couple of days for the Heene Boyz.  We want to wish a late Happy Birthday to our guitarist and eldest Heene Boy, Bradford.  He turned fifteen on Sunday.  It’s not every day that a teenager turns 15 and gets Happy Birthday sang to him by a concert crowd.  Fitting for a young musician with unlimited potential.

Bradford Heene’s birthday was on Sunday, August 24, but the boys celebrated on Saturday in Daytona Beach at a showcase of some of the best hard rock bands in all of Florida.  After

WHY MUSIC? (Blog 4) - August 20, 2014 

Some people ask us why, out of all the things kids could be doing, why are the Heene Boyz playing music?

Well, why effing not?

Music is one of the top 5 hobbies kids pick up. It’s up there with astronomy, collecting and sports. The difference here is that music isn’t just a hobby for Falcon, Ryo and Bradford, it’s a passion. And the Heene Boyz are lucky to have parents that recognize passion and are willing to work with their kids to cultivate it.

Research shows that learning music at a young age has


If you’ve seen the list of shows we have coming up and our well-rehearsed skills on stage, you’ve probably wondered when the young Heene Boyz have time to do kid stuff, like schoolwork.  Education is just as important as the music. That’s why every day is divided into two: schoolwork and rehearsal.
As our bassist and vocalist Falcon says, it all depends on you.  What time you want to get up and do schoolwork and rehearse determines how productive you’ll be.  For the Heene Boyz, their schoolwork is knocked


This week was full of rehearsals, filming and performing. We filmed our crazy themed music video “Horrortox” on Saturday August 9, at the Brass Mug with the amazing Director Richard Heene, followed by a full-fledge performance. For those of you living under a rock, the Brass Mug is one of the best venues in Tampa. Hidden behind a curve on Skipper Road, the ill-lit venue sets the rock n’ roll mood with its high stage, ample moshing space, pool table and full service bar. Plenty of room for filming with video…


Schoolwork, rehearsal, chickens! It’s not easy being the World’s Youngest Metal Band, and now you will get a glimpse into our everyday lives. But before we get this blogroll going, we have a couple of updates for you:  
We will be at the Brass Mug on Saturday, August 9 to film a music video and you are welcome to join in. We’ll start shooting at 11am (that’s right, in the morning! Get coffee on the way). We encourage crazy Halloween costumes! This is an all-ages event.